Newsletter #17




Primoris ... for a better world: selected charities and organisations

Primoris is aware of its social role and as a specialised lab for residue and contaminant analysis in the agri-food industry it contributes to enhancing food safety, product quality and sustainability. However, Primoris aims to give back a little extra to society and, therefore, donates 50 cents per sample in 2018 to a total of  three charities that were selected by both customers and employees. As a result Primoris set aside € 30.000 for projects and organisations contributing to a better world.

Submissions could be made from 19 June to 5 October, which means the time has arrived to announce the selected charities and organisations.

Trias – project “Quinoa, vegetables and patatoes in Ecuador”

Trias is one of the largest structural development organisations (ngo) in Belgium and supports entrepreneurial and farming organisations worldwide through various projects. Primoris’ donation will be used to further develop the project “Quinoa, vegetables and potatoes in Ecuador”.

The mayor part of Ecuador’s income stems from the exploitation and sale of petroleum and export of bananas, cocoa, coffee, scampi and flowers. Nonetheless, only 1% of the Ecuadorian population benefits from this income and as a result a vast majority of Ecuadorians live in poverty. In the poorest areas, ninety percent of the inhabitants is not able to acquire basic necessities. Trias supports ten partners in Ecuador (organisations or cooperatives), seven of whom active in agriculture, to obtain some specific goals by 2021.

Trias aims that through this project the supported familial farmers:

  • Have a larger income;
  • Are able to provide the basic necessities for their family: food, clothing, accommodation;
  • Have access to good health care and medicines;
  • Can send their kids to school;
  • Are respected, have the liberty to choose and speak, to go and trade without violence;
  • Have a better sense of overall well-being;
  • Trade with respect for natural resources

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Belgian Food Banks

Primoris has its roots in Belgium and has therefore opted to also support an organisation active on Belgian soil. The Belgian Federation of Food Banks wants to battle hunger and food waste and strive for social (re)integration in its own country. More specifically, the Food Banks collect free food and then distribute it among the less fortunate using 641 charitable institutions.

In Belgium there is still poverty as well, for example, 1 on 7 persons and 1 on 5 children are living in difficult circumstances. The Food Banks gathered 16,488 tonnes of provisions in 2017 and distributed nutritionally balanced food without charge to 157,151 persons in need. This was achieved with the support of over 300 unpaid volunteers.

As Primoris is part of the agri-food sector, it seemed a logical choice to help the Food Banks in their battle against hunger and food waste in Belgium.

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Kom op tegen Kanker (Rise against Cancer)

Primoris employees were also given the chance to suggest a project and out of their suggestions Kom op tegen Kanker was chosen. This non-profit organisation received the vote of several of our employees, which indicates that this issue is very much alive within Primoris. Unfortunately, we are all confronted with cancer (personally or professionally) sooner or later and so scientific research still remains necessary to more efficiently battle against this disease and even prevent it. Kom op tegen Kanker assists in this scientific research, which Primoris gladly supports.

Using Primoris’ donation Kom op tegen Kanker aims to alleviate the suffering of patients and their loved ones, spread information on cancer and advocate a better cancer policy.

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Through this newsletter Primoris wishes to thank all customers and employees for the many suggestions. This indicates that next to Primoris, its customers also want to actively contribute to a better world, something we can only celebrate.