Newsletter #17




Quality: proficiency tests

Proficiency tests are part of Primoris’ everyday operation. These are independent tests that try to verify the analysis quality of a laboratory. Further, their results are used to evaluate the performance of the analysis methods and, if necessary, adjust them. Subsequently, Primoris also takes part in various undercover proficiency tests to meet the strictest quality demands possible.

In October, November and December, Primoris entered in the following proficiency tests:

  • FAPAS: pesticides on chili pepper
  • FAPAS: tropane alkaloids on babyfood (multigrain)
  • FAPAS: contaminants on milk powder
  • Proof-ACS: pesticides on pear/lettuce
  • FAPAS: pesticides on pineapple
  • Relana/Proof-ACS: pesticides on clementine puree
  • EURL-FV : pesticides on ground black pepper
  • FAPAS: contaminants on spinach puree

Primoris as fixed value in Relana quality circle

Ever since its foundation in 2005, Primoris has been part of Relana, the ultimate quality circle of laboratories in terms of pesticide and contaminant analyses. Relana is short for “reliable analysis” and was founded to ensure the quality and integrity of analyses within the food chain. Relana focuses in particular on a professional evaluation of the analytical and customer oriented competence of different laboratories.

All laboratories that are part of Relana commit themselves to provide high quality for their activities and services. Furthermore, the quality of the recognised laboratories is systematically tested and evaluated using strict proficiency tests, which also determine the possibility of further recognition.

Additionally, Primoris is the only Belgian laboratory that is part of the select group of recognised Relana laboratories. For the moment, only 11 laboratories in Europe meet the high level criteria of Relana:

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