Primoris Belgium welcomes new manager

Primoris Belgium has a new manager since 11 February: Dr. Lies Vanhee. She will take over the wheel from Dr. Eng. Carine De Clercq, who now becomes the manager of the Primoris Holding and will as such focus on the development of the entire Primoris group.

New manager is logical step for Primoris’ growing activities

Mrs. Carine De Clercq has been leading Primoris Belgium since its foundation as an independent lab in 2001, initially under the name Fytolab. In the course of eighteen years, the laboratory’s activities have grown exponentially and Primoris has expanded worldwide with for example the foundation of laboratories in Bulgaria, Colombia and Costa Rica. In addition, Primoris Holding was created in 2015. As general manager mrs. Carine De Clercq always had front row seats for this growth: “Throughout the years Primoris has transformed itself into a global player that contributes to the enhancement of food safety, product quality and sustainability. With Lies Vanhee now at the helm of Primoris Belgium, I will be able to commit myself completely to achieve the mission of the Primoris Holding.”
Dr. Lies Vanhee was business unit manager and head of the lab in a pharmaceutical laboratory, which provided her with sufficient experience to create a solid background for her position as manager of Primoris Belgium. “I am very much looking forward to further develop Primoris Belgium together with the team and the directors. In these challenging times, we want to remain an analytical laboratory that is deemed a reliable partner to our customers.”

About Primoris

Primoris was founded as an independent laboratory in 2001 by the name of Fytolab and was a spin-off of Ghent University. At that time, the laboratory, which is still located on its starting grounds in Zwijnaarde, had about 25 employees and focused mainly on analyses of crop protection products in fruits, vegetables and cereals.
The situation, however, has taken a significant step forward, as the number of employees for Primoris Belgium is now close to 90 and its activities has also grown exponentially in the past 18 years. Primoris Belgium remains the reference for high-quality residue analyses of crop protection products, but the number of matrixes that can be analysed has become almost unlimited. Furthermore, Primoris also offers qualitative analyses on mycotoxins, heavy metals and other contaminants, as well as analyses on mineral oils and virology. The two main pillars of our service are always reliability and customer support.
2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively saw the foundation of Fytolab Bulgaria, Fytolab Colombia and Fytolab France, who were later grouped together in the Primoris Holding, which saw the light in 2015. Also in 2015, the names of the different laboratories were changed from Fytolab to Primoris. Additionally, the group expanded once more with the foundation of Primoris Costa Rica earlier this year.

CKCert –

The certification agency CKCert also forms part of the Primoris Holding. CKCert is the reference for company audits, product control and sampling in the primary sector.

Ciboris –

The independent non-profit association Ciboris is a partner of the Primoris group, who provides trainings and advice on food safety, food quality and risk assessment.

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