Primoris for a better world: ngo Trias

Last year Primoris donated € 0.50 per sample received in 2018 to 3 charities or organisations that were suggested by our customers and employees. This was part of our “Primoris for a better world” project and led to a donation of € 10 000 for each of the following organisations:

  • NGO Trias – project “Quinoa, vegetables and potatoes in Ecuador”
  • Belgian Food Banks
  • Kom op tegen Kanker (organisation battling cancer)

In this and the coming newsletters we would like to take a closer look at each of these three organisations. We will kick-off with NGO Trias, more specifically their project Quinoa, vegetables and potatoes in Ecuador, which Primoris chose to support.

We selected this particular project, as it allows us to not only to improve the life of local farmers and their families, but also to contribute to the development of local production and economy.

 As a result of Primoris’ support Trias can now aid the following cooperatives:

  • PACAT: a cooperative of 500 growers of organic fruits and vegetables in the Tungurahua province in Ecuador. PACAT helps these farmers to achieve a higher production and a higher income, with respect to their environment. For this PACAT uses an inclusive approach as it tries to attract youth and female workers, who tend to be left out.
  • Coprobich: a cooperative of 560 growers of organic quinoa in the Ecuadorian Andes. Coprobich is a cooperative in which the farmers work together when processing, packing and exporting quinoa to local and international markets.

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In the next newsletter we will discuss the Belgian Food Banks.

More information on Primoris’ project ‘Primoris for a better world’ can be found here.