Newsletter #18




Primoris reforms for the future

When dropping off samples at our lab in Zwijnaarde this past month you probably noticed some containers on our car park. This is indeed well-spot, as we are currently carrying out some thorough reforms to our laboratory. As a result, we will be able to support our customers even better from the moment we receive the samples in our laboratory.

Merging customer care and sample reception

undefinedThe market, as well as the customer, evolves and we want to evolve with them. We want to bring the customers and their needs closer to us, which according to us certainly requires an updated area for sample reception.

Furthermore, our sample registration team will be merging together with customer care into one group, resulting in a more efficient sample follow-up. Our customer care team will also move into the sample-reception area, maximising involvement, so that they can inform and advise our clients more directly and more appropriately.

In addition, our customer care team has also more than doubled its workforce, which is, among others, the result of our decision to keep providing rapid and high-quality customer support.

We are definitely looking forward to welcome you soon at our new sample-reception area.