New area for sample reception and expansion of sample treatment

In our last newsletter we provided information on the ongoing reforms to the area for sample reception in our laboratory in Zwijnaarde. In the meantime, the dust has settled and the reforms are finished!

Reliability in speed and service

Our sample registration team and customer service have taken their place in a brand new sample reception area, resulting in an even more direct customer communication. Further, we have optimised the flow between sample reception, sample registration and the first steps of sample treatment, as no second should be lost during the analysis process 

Furthermore, over the past years our customer service has more than doubled its workforce, which is partly the result of our decision to maintain high-quality and rapid support for our customers. The renewed customer service and sample reception also leaves enough room to further expand our services in the years to come.

Extra flexibility for sample treatment

Additionally, we performed a thorough reform of our sample treatment area. Throughout the years the number of matrices that can be analysed has risen substantially, which in turn requires a high level of flexibility in terms of sample treatment. By creating extra lines in this department, we can offer an appropriate response to the uniqueness of the various sample types, analysis methods and analysis speeds.

Questions regarding sample delivery?

Be sure to check out our website if you want to find out more about our services concerning sample transport and sample quantity. Of course you can also contact our customer service: