Newsletter #19




Opening of accredited lab Primoris Costa Rica

The Primoris group is proud to announce the official opening of Primoris Costa Rica, located in Alajuela, offering analytical services to Central America and Caribbean countries.

The mission of the Primoris group is to improve food safety, sustainability and food quality, through services such as: food safety analysis, certification (such as GlobalGap) and related client support.

The brand new lab in Costa Rica is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, in order to support the market with high-quality analyses on pesticides and contaminants in food, feed and water.

Click here to get a glimpse of the brand new lab

International compliance – ISO 17025 accreditation

MSc. Dhayra Machado, general manager: “Primoris Costa Rica is the first laboratory in its category that obtained the ISO 17025 accreditation by a European accreditation body. We  offer a full pesticide scope and a fast and reliable analytical service to support both local monitoring programs and export quality analyses”.

Primoris Costa Rica will control samples for compliance with the Maximum Residue Limits (MRL), for example set by the EU standards. GCMS/MS and LCMS/MS technology is used for  testing more than 550 compounds.

“We have assembled an excellent technical team and embarked on an intensive hands-on training program for our chemists in Primoris Belgium, to ensure an equal quality level in the whole Primoris group.”

Primoris Costa Rica is fully operational. For the moment we’re also developing high quality analyses on water in order to comply with Costa Rican legislation, as well as putting in place reliable analyses on heavy metals in water and food.

For more info about Primoris Costa Rica, please visit this page.