Primoris for a better world: Belgian Food Banks

Last year Primoris donated € 0.50 per sample received in 2018 to 3 charities or organisations that were suggested by our customers and employees. This was part of our “Primoris for a better world” project and led to a donation of € 10 000 for each of the following organisations:

  • NGO Trias – project “Quinoa, vegetables and potatoes in Ecuador”
  • Belgian Food Banks
  • Kom op tegen Kanker (organisation battling cancer)

In this newsletter we would like to put the Belgian Food Banks on display. Due to its Belgian roots,  Primoris has also opted to support an organisation active in Belgium. The Food Banks aim to battle hunger and food waste and strive towards (re)integration in its own country. Since Primoris forms part of the agri-feed sector, it seemed logical that we assisted the Food Banks in their battle.

“Thanks to Primoris Belgium, the Belgian Federation of Food Banks received € 10.000 during the holiday period. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude towards the whole of Primoris for this incredibly successful act of solidarity”, claims JacquelineVanhussel, responsible for communication at the Belgian Food Banks. “This amount was immediately made available to our Food Bank in West Flanders, helping them with their purchase of a pre-cooled room.”

“Both the level of poverty and experience from the field indicate that the role of the Food Banks is far from over, as the need for free food assistance is still on the rise. As a result, the Food Banks must commit to further professionalisation and an increase in capacity: larger and more energy-efficient storage facilities, cooling chambers, freezers, refrigerated transport, and so on. This demands big investments, money the Food Banks need to gather amongst citizens and companies, as we do not receive government support.”

More information can be found on

In the next newsletter we will elaborate on the last organisation: Kom op tegen Kanker.

More information on our Primoris for a better World project, can be found on this page.

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