Newsletter #19




Support: guidelines for sample packaging and collection

We want to provide the most efficient support to our customers, starting at the point of sampling, all the way through to the interpretation of the analysis results. We have compiled specific guidelines for our customers in order to ensure a swift and flawless sample registration, as well as to avoid delays caused by for example damaged samples due to incorrect packaging:

Primoris can have the samples collected when it best suits you, by  means of specialised transportation companies. Nonetheless, you can also organise your own transportation or deliver the samples in person, depending on your personal preference.

During the office hours you can deliver the samples at our sample registration, but you can also safely deposit your samples outside that specific timeframe (24/24 7/7). Contact our customer service if you want more information on delivering your samples outside of office hours.

In order to ensure a correct sample registration, we strongly recommend our online Extranet database, which allows you full control over the registration of your samples. Alternatively, you can fill in our analysis request form and add it to the parcel, so that we have all the necessary information for a correct analysis.

If the samples need to be analysed within 8 hours, we ask you to attach this label on a visible spot, on the outside of the parcel and to notify our customer service via email.

Do you want more information? Contact your market manager or our customer service: