Legislation: revocation chlorpropham approval

The European Commission has decided to no longer allow the use of plant protection products containing chlorpropham as active substance, as of 8 January 2020 at the latest.

This information can be found in Commission implementing regulation (EU) 2019/989 of 17 June 2019. This regulation will be valid as of 8 July 2019:

  • Member states shall withdraw authorisations for plant protection products containing chlorpropham as active substance by 8 January 2020
  • Any grace period shall be as short as possible and shall expire by 8 October 2020 at the latest

About chlorpropham

Chlorpropham is a plant growth regulator and herbicide and is often used as a sprout suppressant for potato crops. In addition, the substance is also used as a herbicide for a wide array of vegetables, fruits and herbs, including celeriac, celery, sweet potatoes, blueberries, tarragon, peas, raspberries, hops, lima beans, green beans, lentils, garlic, flour, parsley, plant material, leek, quinoa, red cabbage, safflower, oranges, lettuce, soy beans, spinach, brussels sprouts, sugar beets, wheat, tomatoes, onions, cranberries, carrots, sowing seeds, …

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