Newsletter #20




Primoris active participant Relana meeting May 2019

Primoris has been part of Relana since its foundation in 2005. Relana is the quality circle of laboratories in terms of pesticide and contaminant analysis, whose recognition allows for guaranteed high reliability and outstanding quality. Laboratories with Relana recognition can commit themselves to provide high quality for their services and activities. The quality of these recognised laboratories is systematically tested and evaluated through very strict proficiency tests, in light of continued recognition.

Furthermore, Primoris is the only Belgian lab that forms part of the select group of Relana-accredited labs. At the moment only 10 laboratories throughout Europe meet the strict Relana criteria. Additionally, this week Primoris had the annual Relana audit. On the picture on the right, you see (from left to right): Nina Biesemans (PM Assistant Primoris Belgium), Lies Vanhee (General Manager Primoris Belgium), Wim De Meyer (team leader R&D Primoris Belgium), Dr. Günter Lach (Relana), Hans Braeckman (Head of PM Primoris Belgium), Bart Willaert (Head of Quality Primoris), Dr. Silke Bruns (Relana).

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Relana organises an annual meeting in which current relevant themes are discussed. Hans Braeckman, Primoris’ Head of Product Management and Wim De Meyer, team leader for R&D, attended this year’s meeting in May, which took place in Almería, Spain.

The following subjects were broached during this year’s meeting:

  • relana® task force
  • Analytical developments
  • Results of (relana®) proficiency tests
  • Evaluation tools to test a lab’s performance
  • relana® position Papers
  • Release of new or updated endpoints

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Quality: proficiency tests May - June

Proficiency tests are part of Primoris’ everyday operation. In May and June, Primoris took part in the following proficiency tests:

  • QS: pesticides on onion puree
  • FAPAS: pesticides on oats
  • Bipea: pesticides on essential oil
  • Pulse Canada: pesticides on lentil flour
  • DRRR: mineral oils on foodstuff