Digital alternative for annual seminar: two webinars

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we were unfortunately unable to host our annual seminar under normal conditions. Nonetheless, this could not prevent us from looking for a worthy alternative: 2 webinars. Even though we sincerely miss not being able to look our customers and relations directly into the eyes during an interesting face-to-face, we are still convinced that these webinars will stick around for the future.

If you have participated and requested more info about our analytical offer, you will be contacted shortly by one of our colleagues. 

16 June | What to expect from current trends in the European pesticide and contaminant legislation

Over 550 people registered from about 15 different countries. Evolutions in European legislation, both for pesticides and contaminants, clearly occupy the minds of our customers worldwide. Needless to say, this webinar was a joint initiative from Primoris Belgium, Primoris France, Primoris Bulgaria, Primoris Colombia and Primoris Costa Rica. During this webinar two experts shared their views as to what we can expect from the European legislation in the future:

  • Frans Verstraete has been working for the European Commission for over 20 years, in the Directorate General Health and Food Safety. He is responsible for the elaboration, development and management of the European legislation for contaminants in feed and food.
  • Hans Braeckman is head of Product Management & Development for the entire Primoris group and as such he closely follows any changes in the European pesticide legislation. His 30 years of experience allow for a clear view on (recent) evolutions within the pesticide legislation and their impact for both the laboratory and our customers.


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25 June | FAVV: results residue monitoring 2019 & A personal approach, the key to a strong analysis plan!

The monitoring results from FAVV concerning pesticides in plant products have become an established aspect of our annual seminars. Evidently, we did not want to keep the results of last year from our customers, which is why we asked Mr. Christophe Keppens, Director ad int. – expert, Director FAVV Plant Protection and Safety of Plant Production and section Feed and Animal by-products, to present these results during a second webinar. First, however, Marlies Galle, Head Technology & Development at Primoris Belgium, provided an insight as to how a strong analysis plan for your product should be compiled. The key to success here is a personal approach. “A strong analysis plan, which is complementary to the sampling plan, is achieved through discussion and collaboration”, says Mrs. Galle. “Consult the lab and consolidate this with the demands and experiences specific to your company. A correct interpretation of the result is necessary in order to be able to produce a meaningful sampling plan and order an appropriate sampling.”

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And you? What subject would you like to see broached in a future webinar? Let us know: