Newsletter #25




European policy: Publication of farm to fork strategy and EU strategy for biodiversity for 2030

The European Commission recently published the long-awaited ‘Farm-to-Fork Strategy’ and the ‘EU Strategy for Biodiversity for 2030’. The ‘Farm-to-Fork Strategy’ describes legislative and non-legislative initiatives for the sector of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Farm to Fork Strategy

The ‘Farm-to-Fork Strategy’ is a cornerstone of the European Green Deal, which sets out how to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. It maps a new, sustainable and inclusive growth strategy to boost the economy, improve people’s health and quality of life, care for nature, and leave no one behind. The ‘Farm-to-Fork Strategy’ addresses the challenges of sustainable food systems in a comprehensive way, recognising the inextricable links between healthy people, healthy societies and a healthy planet.

Objectives of the ‘Farm-to-Fork Strategy’:

  • Ensure sustainable food production
  • Ensure food security
  • Stimulate sustainable food processing, wholesale, retail, hospitality & food services practices
  • Promote sustainable food consumption and facilitate the shift towards healthy, sustainable diets
  • Reduce food loss & waste
  • Combat food fraud in the food supply chain

CLICK HERE for all details on the ‘Farm-to-Fork Strategy’

EU Strategy for Biodiversity for 2030

This strategy sets out how Europe can help to turn the loss of biodiversity around. As a milestone, it aims to ensure that Europe's biodiversity will be on the path to recovery by 2030. It addresses the five main drivers of biodiversity loss, sets out an enhanced governance framework to fill remaining gaps, ensures the full implementation of EU legislation, and pulls together all existing efforts. This strategy is enterprising and incentivising in spirit and action. It reflects the fact that protecting and restoring nature will need more than regulation alone. It will require action by citizens, businesses, social partners and the research and knowledge community, as well as strong partnerships between local, regional, national and European level. This strategy is in line with the ambitions and commitment set out in President von der Leyen’s Political Guidelines and in the European Green Deal. 

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