Food safety and product quality remain priority in challenging 2020

Last year was incredibly challenging in every way and Primoris has remained fully operational during the corona pandemic, in order to continuously guarantee food safety.Together with our customers we form part of the essential sector that needs to ensure the vital food supply during the corona crisis.

Even though we faced numerous challenges in 2020, we could note that the corona pandemic did not affect the attention to quality assurance, product quality and food safety. This was visible in the large number of new customers that found their way to Primoris. Furthermore, we have analysed 9% more samples last year in comparison to 2019 and we performed 7% more analyses on said samples compared to 2019.

This significant rise was also found within the entire Primoris group. In between all Primoris laboratories we have received more than 110.000 samples in 2020 and we performed more than 289.000 analyses on these samples.