Newsletter #9




Method expansion: launch of qualitative accredited GMO screening

At Primoris we always aim to assist our customers with the best possible service and relevant analyses. We’re delighted to announce the extension of our service for our customers with a qualitative accredited GMO screening. Thanks to this method, we’re able to detect the presence or absence of GMO on an extensive range of matrices.


Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are organisms (e.g. plants) in which the genetic material (DNA) has been genetically modified to introduce a new trait which does not occur naturally in the specific species by natural recombination or mating.  Examples in food crops include resistance to a herbicide or other chemical treatments, resistance to certain pests or diseases, etc. The most common genetically modified crops are soya, corn (maize), canola and cotton.

Why perform analyses on GMO?

There is a European legislation concerning GMOs in place, serving two main objectives: to protect the human life and health and to ensure the free movement of safe and wholesome food and feed.
Food and feed produced from GMOs or containing GMOs must be labelled. Traces may be present in conventional food and feed as a result of adventitious or technically unavoidable presence during seed production, cultivation, harvest, transport or processing. The threshold for labelling of authorized GMOs is fixed to 0.9%:

Why choose Primoris as your analysis partner for GMO analyses?

  • We offer a highly reliable method in collaboration with a reliable partner with scientifically profound expertise on GMOs.
  • Fast screening method
  • Specialized support regarding high-level result interpretation and legislative matters
  • After a positive screening result, we can also help you with GMO identification and quantification
  • GMO analyses can be performed in combination with other analyses (e.g. on pesticides)


Product code



GMO presence/absence

Identification and quantification after consultation and upon demand

Accredited matrices

Pure raw materials and derived, processed solid products (e.g. from soybeans, corn, canola, rice, ...)


real-time PCR

Reporting time

5-7 working days

Sample volume

1 kg (recommended)


More info?

Please contact your market manager or our customer care team if you have any questions or wish to confide your GMO analyses to Primoris.