Primoris … for a better world: support for Exchange vzw and Food Support Ghent

The second edition of Primoris…for a better world has ended and could also this year count on a lot of support from our customers and our employees. This year Primoris will allocate a total of € 20.000 for two charities or projects, with one being suggested by our customers and another by our employees. Primoris is aware of its social role and as a specialised lab for residue and contaminant analysis in the agri-food industry it contributes to enhancing food safety, product quality and sustainability.

The following two projects have been selected:

Exchange vzw

Exchange vzw supports promising African entrepreneurs in their growth by providing expertise and customised coaching. After all, successful entrepreneurs contribute to employment and wealth. Through its contribution, Primoris supports the project ‘Tradeline: market access for local farmers’ in Malawi. Via knowledge and expertise Primoris wants to be a centre for knowledge to the agri-feed sector and as a result shares the passion for expertise with Exchange vzw.

With the support of Primoris, Tradeline and Exchange can work together on:

  1. Setting up a distribution centre for grading, packaging and marketing fruit and vegetables
  2. Organising collection points where farmers can deliver their harvest in a controlled environment and where a first quality control is performed
  3. Introducing standardised crates and cooling trucks in the complete process from transportation to sale

Food Support Ghent

It is important for us at Primoris to also check out what happens locally. As we have our HQ in Zwijnaarde (Ghent), we have opted to support the non-profit organisation Voedselondersteuning Gent (Food Support Ghent).

Voedselondersteuning Gent vzw (VOG) supports initiatives that fight hunger and poverty in Ghent, mainly by providing financial support for the collection and distribution of food, and by providing other basic needs in the Ghent area. With the support of Primoris, VOG will be able to further offer the following initiatives:

  • undefinedFood coupons with a value of €6 are distributed by VOG to people living in poverty using the ‘Kras’ services in Ghent, using the Centre for General Welfare (CAW), through neighbourhood initiatives. Such a coupon allows families living in poverty to go out for a hot meal in one of the social restaurants in Ghent.
  • At the end of the year a 1000 take-away-meals are being distributed by KRAS’ food distribution services to people living in poverty. These meals are prepared by socially employed people in the Social Restaurants of Ateljee, which provides the project with even more social value

Primoris would like to thank all our customers and employees for the numerous suggestions. These suggestions are a clear signal that not just Primoris, but also its customers, actively want to contribute to a better world.