Newsletter #26




Accredited analyses on ethylene oxide in food & feed

Since Monday 26 October, Primoris can support you with accredited analyses to quantify ethylene oxide in food and feed.

Lowering of reporting limit from 0,05 mg/kg to 0,01 mg/kg

At the launch of this method, we were able to offer a reporting limit of 0,05 mg/kg. Since the launch, we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring the reporting limit (RL) in line with the European MRL requirements.

Samples that are registered as from Tuesday 10 November for ethylene oxide analysis will be reported with a reporting limit of 0,01 mg/kg.

CLICK HERE for the EU MRLs for ethylene oxide per product (group)

RASFF notifications sesame seeds

The past few weeks, several RASFF notifications have been published that mention the use of the unauthorized substance ethylene oxide on sesame seeds. 

About ethylene oxide

Ethylene oxide (ETO) is an antimicrobial and conventional chemical and has been used for over 40 years for both insecticidal treatments and for the sterilization of foodstuffs.  Ethylene oxide reduced microbial load in whole and ground spices or other seasoning materials. As an insecticide, the principal use of ethylene oxide has been for fumigation of bulk grain in recirculating systems and in the vacuum fumigation of packaged foods and tobacco. Its use as a pesticide is however not approved in the European Union.


  • Method code: ETHOX_01_A
  • Parameter on analytical report: Ethylene oxide (sum of ethylene oxide and 2-chloro-ethanol expressed as ethylene oxide)
  • Matrices: food and feed
  • Sample volume: minimal 100 g
  • Analysis time: 5 working days (incl. transport)
  • Packaging: Since ethylene oxide is a volatile component, the sample has to packaged airtight. If other methods need to be performed as well, please provide us with extra sample separately packaged.
  • LOQ:
    • Registration until 9/11 included: 0,05 mg/kg
    • Registration as from 10/11: 0,01 mg/kg
  • Under accreditation: yes

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