Attention for correct labelling of dangerous substances when shipping samples

Our sample reception receives hundreds of samples on a daily basis. We would like to emphasize the correct labelling of your samples in order to ensure a safe and efficient way of registering them.

Correct labelling of samples with dangerous substances

Should you wish to send us dangerous substances such as chemical products, acids, samples with high concentrations, it is of utmost importance the package contains the correct labelling (e.g. stickers with correct symbols). As a result, your sample is handled and registered in a correct and safe manner.

Labelling of analysis for 8H service

If the samples need to be analysed in 8 hours, we ask you to clearly attach one of our 8H stickers on the outside of the box and inform our customer care team by email.

Sample delivery and registration

In order to ensure the correct registration of your sample(s), please add an analysis request form to your shipment or register you sample in our extranet database. This way our colleagues of sample registration have all the information they need to start the analysis.

During office hours you can visit our sample reception, but even outside the office hours you can deposit your samples at Primoris (24/24, 7/7). For more information about this service, please contact our customer care team.