Are you already using Extranet? Supported browsers

Extranet is our free, online tool which you can use to:

  • Register samples and select the correct analysis methods
  • Download previous analysis reports
  • Collect previous analysis data for additional data processing

Extranet is one of the modern tools we offer to our customers to ensure an efficient registration and follow-up of your samples. It is simple, quick and strongly diminishes the risk for errors. Furthermore, it is very flexible and allows you to create templates, so that you can quickly register recurring sample types. You can also retrieve all PDF reports that  have been generated, download overviews of your analysis results and mold them into reports as you see fit (PDF, xls, …). The data on Extranet is always available, so you can generate any desired reports at all times without email communication.

How can I start using this tool?

You can access Extranet via the client portal on our website (direct link), where you can also find practical information only available to our clients. In order to enjoy all advantages of Extranet you can contact our customer service (, so that we can give you access to our client portal and our Extranet tool. We will gladly guide you through your first use and we provide a short manual, allowing you to correctly register your samples with the greatest ease.

Supported browsers

Google Chrome is the default supported browser for using Extranet. Furthermore, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari can also be used. More recent versions of Internet Explorer (version 11 or older) are also a possibility, but as IE11 will disappear from Windows altogether in June 2022, we will also cease supporting this browser.

On mobile devices Extranet can be used on:

  • Android: Google Chrome
  • Iphone: Safari

In addition, we are working on optimizing the use of Extranet on mobile devices to enhance its readability and ergonomics.