Newsletter #29




Quality: overview ring tests

Proficiency tests, independent controls of a laboratory’s analysis quality, are part of Primoris’ everyday operation. The past months Primoris participated in the following proficiency tests

  • Italian NRL AO: pesticides in sunflower oil
  • Proof-ACS: pesticides in onions
  • FAPAS: aflatoxins in milk powder
  • Relana: report conclusions
  • FAPAS: PAHs in cocoa butter
  • FAPAS: heavy metals in powdered brown rice
  • Sciensano: mycotoxins in wheat flower
  • FAPAS: pesticides in celery
  • FAPAS: nitrate in lettuce puree
  • BELAC: mycotoxins in maize
  • FAPAS: ergot alkaloids in baby food

Primoris takes part in proficiency tests organized by reputable institutions in the context of:

  • European monitoring: the proficiency tests are organised by the European Reference Laboratories for Residues of Pesticides
  • Internal quality assuranceFAPASTestqual and others. These organisations are accredited for the organisation and the reporting of ring tests.
  • Approvals and certificationsQSFAVV-AFSCA and others. These organisations sometimes organise their own ring tests, with a good outcome being the condition for acceptance.