Primoris Newsletter #33

September 2022








The European Commission has published some modifications in the European legislation. We provide you with an overview of these modifications on our website.
Primoris has successfully extended it’s GMP+ certificate with the new requirements for pesticides. GMP+ is a certification scheme designed to ensure feed safety.
We continuously aim to optimize our reporting times as we know that fast reporting times are in line with market expectations. We are delighted to inform you that, as of now, we offer analyses on ethylene oxide with a reporting time of 8h/36h after arrival of the sample at the lab.
Primoris is part of relana, the quality circle of a dozen European labs concerning analysis of pesticides and contaminants. Earlier this year Primoris saw a relana audit and received excellent feedback. In the first place the lab shows a high and stable level of quality and furthermore, the auditors were impressed with the competence of our staff.
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