Food fraud – analysis on authenticity on oregano

Ciboris investigates food fraud on herbs and spices, cereals, fruit juices and fresh foodstuffs. They recently finished a research project together with Ghent University, ML2Grow and CRA-W in which they focused specifically on food fraud in oregano. They developed analysis methods in order to help them determine origin, variety, constant product quality and adulteration.

The results of this study have been published in Food Research International, a renowned scientific journal for qualitative research in food science. The studied techniques can be used to answer a wide array of food-fraud-related questions in herbs such as oregano. It is important to bear in mind that this type of analysis requires a partner with sufficient expertise and access to trustworthy and correct samples in terms of for example origin. Should you have any questions about detecting food fraud in your company, we can assure you that Ciboris is the right way to go.


Who is Ciboris?

Ciboris, part of the Primoris Group, is a knowledge and research centre concerning food safety and quality, based in Belgium. They investigate food fraud in various foodstuffs, but also develop analytical methods to determine migration of food-contact materials in food.



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