Maleic Hydrazide on LC-MS/MS

Apart from developing new and relevant methods, we are continuously working on the development of our existing methods in order to always offer you the most reliable results. As of now we will analyse maleic hydrazide (MH) using LC-MS/MS instead of UV, resulting in faster and more precise results. Further, LC-MS/MS is a more sensitive analysis technique, allowing us to offer a considerably lower reporting limit and in addition we will now also be performing the method under accreditation. The method will be offered under a new method code, below you can find all the information together:


Method code MALHY_01_A
Relevant matrices Potatoes and onions
Reporting limit 0.1 mg/kg
Reporting time 8H, 36H, 5WD
Technology LC-MS/MS
Accreditation Plantlike commodities (potatoes and onions), contact us for other matrices


What is maleic hydrazide?

Maleic hydrazide is used in agriculture as a plant growth regulator in order to help prevent premature sprouting of for example harvested potatoes and onions. It is an organic compound which is absorbed through the leaves and slows down cell division without harming the plant itself.


More info?

If you are looking for more information on MH and our updated method, do not hesitate to contact us.