This list is being updated every two weeks and you find in there all changes that have been activated since two months.

Last update: 30/11/2021

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01/09/2022 30/08/2021 2021/1408 maximum levels of tropane alkaloids ML update
01/07/2022 14/12/2020 2020/2040 maximum levels of pyrrolizidine alkaloids ML update
14/05/2022 25/10/2021 2021/1864 maximum residue levels for amisulbrom, flubendiamide, meptyldinocap, metaflumizone and propineb MRL update
10/05/2022 21/10/2021 2021/1841 maximum residue levels for 6-benzyladenine and aminopyralid MRL update
10/05/2022 21/10/2021 2021/1842 maximum residue levels for flupyradifurone and difluoroacetic acid MRL update
01/02/2022 25/11/2021 2021/2049 renewal of approval of the active substance cypermethrin Renewal of approval
22/01/2022 07/07/2021 2021/1110 maximum residue levels for ametoctradin, bixafen, fenazaquin, spinetoram, tefluthrin and thiencarbazone-methyl MRL update
01/01/2022 25/08/2021 2021/1399 maximum levels of ergot sclerotia and ergot alkaloids ML update
01/01/2022 16/07/2021 2021/1165 authorising certain products and substances for use in organic production Organic production
01/01/2022 14/04/2021 2021/601 coordinated multiannual control programme of the Union for 2022, 2023 and 2024 Multiannual control programme
19/12/2021 29/11/2021 2021/2081 non-renewal of approval of the active substance indoxacarb Non-renewal of approval
16/12/2021 26/11/2021 2021/2068 extension of the approval periods of the active substances benfluralin, dimoxystrobin, fluazinam, flutolanil, mecoprop-P, mepiquat, metiram, oxamyl and pyraclostrobin extension of approval periods
17/11/2021 28/10/2021 2021/1884 maximum residue levels for chlorantraniliprole in pulses MRL update
16/11/2021 27/10/2021 2021/1881 maximum residue levels for imidacloprid MRL update
10/11/2021 21/10/2021 2021/1842 maximum residue levels for flupyradifurone and difluoroacetic acid MRL update
10/11/2021 20/04/2021 2021/644 maximum residue levels for fluxapyroxad, hymexazol, metamitron, penflufen and spirotetramat MRL update
06/11/2021 16/04/2021 2021/618 maximum residue levels for diclofop, fluopyram, ipconazole and terbuthylazine MRL update
06/11/2021 12/10/2021 2021/618 maximum residue levels for terbuthylazine Rectification
06/11/2021 16/04/2021 2021/616 maximum residue levels for benalaxyl, benalaxyl-M, dichlobenil, fluopicolide, proquinazid and pyridalyl MRL update
04/11/2021 15/10/2021 2021/1810 maximum residue levels for cyprodinil in blueberries, cranberries, currants and gooseberries MRL update
03/11/2021 14/10/2021 2021/1807 maximum residue levels for acibenzolar-S-methyl, aqueous extract from the germinated seeds of sweet Lupinus albus, azoxystrobin, clopyralid, cyflufenamid, fludioxonil, fluopyram, fosetyl, metazachlor, oxathiapiprolin, tebufenozide and thiabendazole MRL update
02/11/2021 13/10/2021 2021/1804 maximum residue level for bentazone in peas with pods MRL update
10/10/2021 20/09/2021 2021/1531 maximum residue levels for aclonifen, acrinathrin, Bacillus pumilus QST 2808, ethirimol, penthiopyrad, picloram and Pseudomonas sp. strain DSMZ 13134 MRL update
10/10/2021 20/09/2021 2021/1533 special conditions governing the import of feed and food originating in or dispatched from Japan following the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power station Special import conditions
02/10/2021 20/07/2021 2021/1191 renewing the approval of the active substance clopyralid Renewal of approval