Our detection procedure is optimized for a real-time PCR instrument with FAM (detection of norovirus GII, HAV), HEX (detection of norovirus GI), and ROX (detection of Process Control). Target sequences within the viral RNA are amplified in one-step real-time reverse-transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of HAV and detection/differentiation of Norovirus of the genogroup I and II.


Detection Kit




Based upon ISO 15216:2 using Biotecon foodproof® Norovirus Detection Kit (GI, GII, GIV)

Qualitative detection of Norovirus GI and GII in fresh produce


Hepatitis A

Based upon ISO 15216:2 using Biotecon foodproof®Hepatitis A Detection Kit

Qualitative detection of Hepatitis A in fresh produce



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