Heavy metals represent a group of elements that vary tremendously. All these elements can appear in a lot of different kinds of compounds. The behavior and the risk depend strongly according to the environmental conditions. Some metals are essential nutritional substances while others are known to be toxic. All heavy metals are present in the soil though.

When it comes to heavy metals, only a part of the metals are included in the official rules. This distinction is based on human use, on the presence in nature and on the availability of analytical techniques and reference values. In case heavy metals are being found, it is thus important to check if the EU has determined Maximum Limits for those heavy metals.




Determination of heavy metals like cadmium, lead, organic and inorganic Arsenic with ICP-MS, in vegetable matter, soil, water. 


Determination of heavy metals like mercury with an Hg-Analyser in vegetable matter, soil, water. 


Determination of other heavy metals, minerals and trace elements with ICP-AES, in vegetable matter



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