This list is being updated every two weeks and you find in there all changes that have been activated since two months.

  • Last update: 10/05/2022
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01/09/2022 30/08/2021 2021/1408 maximum levels of tropane alkaloids ML update
09/08/2022 20/01/2022 2022/0078 maximum residue levels for dazomet, hexythiazox, metam and methylisothiocyanate MRL update
01/07/2022 14/12/2020 2020/2040 maximum levels of pyrrolizidine alkaloids ML update
16/05/2022 27/10/2021 2021/1881 maximum residue levels for imidacloprid MRL update
14/05/2022 25/10/2021 2021/1864 maximum residue levels for amisulbrom, flubendiamide, meptyldinocap, metaflumizone and propineb MRL update
10/05/2022 21/10/2021 2021/1841 maximum residue levels for 6-benzyladenine and aminopyralid MRL update
10/05/2022 21/10/2021 2021/1842 maximum residue levels for flupyradifurone and difluoroacetic acid MRL update
03/05/2022 13/04/2022 2022/0617 maximum levels of mercury in fish and salt ML update
01/05/2022 07/03/2022 2022/383 renewal of approval of the low-risk active substance Metarhizium brunneum strain Ma 43 (formerly Metarhizium anisopliae var. anisopliae strain BIPESCO 5/F52) Renewal of approval
17/04/2022 28/03/2022 2022/489 approval periods of the active substances flubendiamide, L-ascorbic acid, spinetoram and spirotetramat Approval period
14/04/2022 25/03/2022 2022/476 maximum residue levels for acetic acid, azoxystrobin, benzovindiflupyr, cyantraniliprole, cyflufenamid, emamectin, flutolanil, lime sulphur, maltodextrin and proquinazid MRL update
27/03/2022 07/03/2022 2022/378 extension of the approval periods of the active substances abamectin, Bacillus subtilis (Cohn 1872) strain QST 713, Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Aizawai strains ABTS-1857 and GC-91, Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Israeliensis (serotype H-14) strain AM65-52, Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Kurstaki strains ABTS 351, PB 54, SA 11, SA12 and EG 2348, Beauveria bassiana strains ATCC 74040 and GHA, clodinafop, Cydia pomonella Granulovirus (CpGV), cyprodinil, dichlorprop-P, fenpyroximate, fosetyl, malathion, mepanipyrim, metconazole, metrafenone, pirimicarb, Pseudomonas chlororaphis strain MA342, pyrimethanil, Pythium oligandrum M1, rimsulfuron, spinosad, Trichoderma asperellum (formerly T. harzianum) strains ICC012, T25 and TV1, Trichoderma atroviride (formerly T. harzianum) strain T11, Trichoderma gamsii (formerly T. viride) strain ICC080, Trichoderma harzianum strains T-22 and ITEM 908, triclopyr, trinexapac, triticonazole and ziram Renewal of approval