This list is being updated every two weeks and you find in there all changes that have been activated since two months.

  • Last update: 02/02/2023
  • For older updates, please visit the archive.


20/08/2023 31/01/203 2023/0198 maximum residue levels for abamectin MRL update
16/08/2023 27/01/2023 2023/0173 maximum residue levels for 1-methyl-3-(trifluoromethyl)-1H-pyrazole4-carboxamide (PAM), cycloxydim, cyflumetofen, cyfluthrin, metobromuron and penthiopyrad MRL update
08/08/2023 19/01/2023 2023/0128 maximum residue levels for benalaxyl, bromoxynil, chlorsulfuron, epoxiconazole and fenamiphos MRL update
23/07/2023 23/01/2023 2023/0147 maximum residue levels for cyromazine, topramezone and triflumizole MRL update
28/02/2023 18/08/2022 2022/1406 maximum residue levels for methoxyfenozide, propoxur, spinosad and thiram MRL update
26/02/203 19/01/2023 2023/0129 maximum residue levels for azoxystrobin, prosulfocarb, sedaxane and valifenalate MRL update
25/02/2023 05/08/2022 2022/1363 maximum residue levels for 2,4-D, azoxystrobin, cyhalofop-butyl, cymoxanil, fenhexamid, flazasulfuron, florasulam, fluroxypyr, iprovalicarb and silthiofam MRL update
23/02/2023 19/01/2023 2023/0127 maximum residue levels for acequinocyl MRL update
22/02/2023 02/08/2022 2022/1343 maximum residue levels for acequinocyl, chlorantraniliprole and emamectin MRL update + change in residue definition
22/02/2023 02/08/2022 2022/1346 maximum residue levels for 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene, 8-hydroxyquinoline, pinoxaden and valifenalate MRL update + change in residue definition
21/02/2023 29/07/2022 2022/1321 maximum residue levels for fluoride ion, oxyfluorfen, pyroxsulam, quinmerac and sulfuryl fluoride MRL update + change in residue definition
16/02/2023 27/01/2023 2023/0174 temporary increase of official controls and emergency measures governing the entry into the Union of certain goods from certain third countries Import
14/02/2023 25/01/2023 2023/0163 maximum residue levels for DDT and oxathiapiprolin MRL update
12/02/2023 23/01/2023 2023/0149 non-renewal of the approval of the active substance benfluralin Non renewal approval
20/01/2023 17/01/2023 2023/0114 extension of the approval periods of the active substances benzovindiflupyr, buprofezin, cyflufenamid, fluazinam, flutolanil, lambda-cyhalothrin, mecoprop-P, mepiquat, metiram, metsulfuron-methyl, phosphane and pyraclostrobin Extension of approval period
20/01/2023 17/01/2023 2023/0115 extension of the approval period of the active substance dimoxystrobin Extension of approval period
20/01/2023 17/01/2023 2023/0116 extension of the approval period of the active substance oxamyl Extension of approval period
01/01/2023 08/12/2022 2022/2388 maximum levels of perfluoroalkyl substances ML update
01/01/2023 24/10/2023 2022/2002 maximum levels of dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs ML update
01/01/2023 08/08/2022 2022/1370 maximum levels of ochratoxin A in certain foodstuffs ML update
01/01/2023 16/05/2022 2022/0741 coordinated multiannual control programme of the Union for 2023, 2024 and 2025 Multiannual program
12/12/2022 05/12/2022 2022/2364 extension of the approval period of the active substance glyphosate Approval period