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  • Meeting the Colombian president in Brussels

    During his visit to Belgium the Colombian president Ivan Duque offered Primoris, alongside the representatives of 15 other companies, the opportunity to attend a deliberation with the president. Primoris was represented by mrs. Carine De Clercq, general manager of the Primoris Group.

  • Opening of Primoris Costa Rica

    Based on the success of the labs in Bulgaria and Colombia, we are now preparing to open a new lab in Costa Rica, which produces large amounts of fruit and vegetables, exporting a lot to Europe. Also, the country is located in the heart of Central America, which allows us to support many other Central American countries as well.

  • CORESTA meeting Kunming: Primoris on proficiency tests

    At the latest CORESTA Congres in Kunming (China), Hans Braeckman, head of Product Management at Primoris, presented a review of the innovation based on Proficiency Tests conducted by the CORESTA Agrochemical Analysis Sub-Group and its consequences for daily result interpretation in the tobacco sector.


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  • New street number for Primoris Belgium as from 01/01/2019

    We want to inform you that as from 1 January 2019, the official street number of Primoris Belgium will change. This means that Primoris Belgium doesn’t relocate to another building, but only gets a new official street number:

  • Ciboris | Opleiding najaar 2018: 'Analyse en detectie van voedselfraude: zin en onzin'

    Ciboris vzw, partner van de Primoris Holding, organiseert dit najaar de opleiding "Analyse en detectie van voedselfraude: zin en onzin" voor kwaliteits- en aankoopverantwoordelijken in de agrovoedingsindustrie. De opleiding door één dag (9u00 - 16u00) en kan op drie data worden gevolgd: 25 september, 23 oktober en 30 november

  • Primoris … for a better world

    Primoris is aware of its social role and as a specialised lab for residue and contaminant analysis in the agri-food sector it contributes to an improved food safety. Nonetheless, Primoris wants to go one step further and give back a little extra to society together with our customers and employees.