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  • Quality: ISO17025:2017-accreditation for Primoris

    All Primoris laboratories have been granted the new accreditation norm 17025:2017 at the end of March, which follows the previous ISO 17025:2005 norm. As a result of flawless teamwork between all departments and all laboratories, we have successfully made the transition to the new 17025:2017 norm, well before the deadline.

  • Relana® study confirms after undercover proficiency test: “Relana®-labs performance more accurate and more precise than other labs”

    Primoris is the only laboratory in Belgium and in its neighbouring countries (the Netherlands, France and Luxemburg) that is part of the select group of 10 recognised Relana® labs. An independent study of August 2019 has proven that Relana®-labs perform more accurate and more precise than other labs.

  • 2020 seminar will be different

    We announced earlier this year that our annual seminar will take place on Tuesday 16 June in Nazareth. Due to the current corona crisis, however, we are force to walk a slightly different path for this year’s edition. Currently we're looking into all the possibilities to offer our customers a worthy alternative on Tuesday 16 June, with respect for social distancing precautions. 


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  • Service of Primoris during corona crisis

    UPDATE 2 June 2020Today Tuesday 2 June Belgium is still in phase 2 of the exit strategy out of the corona crisis, including a partial reopening of the schools and other economical and societal activities, always with respect for social distancing.This phase has no influence on our activities, because Primoris has remained operational during the entire corona crisis to assure food safety on a daily basis.


  • Launch of accredited analyses on 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD and GE in vegetable oils and fats

    As from now on, Primoris is also your partner for high quality and accredited analyses on 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD and glycidyl esters (GE) in vegetable oils and fats.

  • Primoris Belgium GMP+ BA11 certified

    We are thrilled to announce Primoris Belgium has added the official GMP+ BA11 certificate to its track record. This recognition allows us to even better support our customers that are active in the feed sector and/or the residual stream. As of today, 8 July we offer various GMP+-recognised analyses.